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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day Today: Steve the Pegasus

It seems the hills upon which I graze never bear grass greener than my own eyes. As I look towards yonder knoll it is most always better.

In other words: I'm always making new segments! This one I've just come up with hopefully covers all manner of things that are not so easily classified within the bounds of my normal posting categories, hobbies, and leisure activities. Today I bring to you the segment of my blog that covers the nonsense, the silly, the horizontal, and the vertical. These are the stories of my day, today.

 Today's "Day Today" finds myself and a Pegasus figure walking the aisles of Michaels, a craft store in the area. I think I've decided to tell this one as the story of a hard-boiled detective named Steve. As he hunts down the elusive the Price Slasher, known to strike yearly around summertime. To accompany this piece I will of course provide some ambiance which you can find right here.

Business had been slow for weeks. Naturally, I perked up when not more than a hour ago I received a hot tip from the dame at the cafe down the street. Apparently some egg dumped a bucket, engine still running, in front of this craft store up the road a piece. I rubbed the stubble of my chin, mulling it over as she spoke. The details were sketchy but I needed the work and the only one thing she did worse than make coffee was tell a lie. I high tailed it to the store, hoping to beat out the buttons before they flashed their tin like they owned the joint.

I stopped across the street and made a quick scout of the area for anything out of the ordinary. I walked to the abandoned crate and noticed the glove compartment was busted open, papers scattered across the floor. A rook might've thought he was looking for something hidden inside. 30 years of this job teaches a guy better than to be bumped off so easily.  He knew exactly what he wanted, and took it with him.

I readied my gat in case I was to finally meet the infamous Price Slasher. 
No one knew what he looked like, or even if he was a he

I perused the aisles full of mundane people, going about their mundane lives. No idea of the terror that may have befallen them today. I tipped my hat along with my head and continued through the shop.

Tell me your secrets

Then I spotted it, an eye in the sky. I thought for sure I could rustle up the managers for a peek at that footage. At the very least I could rule out a few of the plugs around me. I moved through the shop and found myself in the literature section of the establishment by this time.

 Towards the back. I picked up one of their selections and made like I was knee deep within the world of the fiction. I made my way towards the door marked 'employees only' keeping the act up when out of the blue, two lugs whizzed past my head, damn near clipping my wings in the process.

Even though I was trying to catch me breath, I thought the resemblance was uncanny

What a damned fool! I'd been made! I dropped the newly carved book (along with my heat) and dove head first into the florals down another aisle. By now the clientele had erupted into a riotous screaming and started fleeing the store. Well, at least it would be easier to tell who from who now. I did my best to keep a low profile while crawling through the brightly colored brambles wishing to god I hadn't pulled such a sap move, dropping my piece. 
Thank the man for the greenery

Luck was on my side that day though. I somehow managed to work my around around the perp and despite having nothing but the legs which walked me here, I leaped from the foliage to give that palooka a taste of the ol' hooves firsthand. 



and Steve

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