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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Into The Frying Pan

Episode 05 - Matcha Milk

Mitsuko and I run through a couple of updates on things in our lives but shortly afterward we get straight to the meat of it. This week is all about "The Day I Arrived," which is a day many current, soon to be, and yet to apply, JETs ponder over and over again. We both share our origin story in Ebi and Akasaki respectively and throw out a few tips (maybe) on what one should probably know ahead of time. After that we started up a couple of new segments: Music Recs and Foodies! Music recommendations are simply that; I'll make one new album recommendation a week and toss out a song that I feel is particularly earworthy. Foodies is a segment where we'll be recording live from a restaurant that we love to eat at (or even a new one) all while shooting the breeze and maybe talking about the  food as well!

Show Notes 

- Matcha Milk has my stamp of approval. Try it! . . . If you can find it, that is.

Small but tasty
- The guy I sat with on the plane wasn't Matt Rogers. You're an awesome guy too Matt (Rogers)! But it was Matt Frazier!

- Kishi Bashi is his name, look him up! And make sure to give "Q&A" a listen:

And you like it buy his music! 

- Pictures galore from Foodies!

The time which was.... FAST.... by 1:25

It's like makeup for your food!

Hot enough to grill an Okonomiyaki in 8 minutes

Twin Spatulas

It comes pre un-mixed

One side down

Yakisoba from the same place

Onigiri with fish flakes

Baby birds making residence outside

This is the place

This is also the place

Here's what the Matcha Milk looked like inside

- I also told Koebi about my failure to get a license for a second time and this is what she had to say about it.
Much rules. So strict. License enough?

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    1. Thanks! You definitely have to squeeze me in for a topic on your show one of these days!