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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Crash Course!

Episode 06 - Jersey Coffee
Today is about those dreaded license tests. Mitsuko and I start off by running through what it was like to get out licenses in America, then we flip gears and I get into what it was like for me to get my license in Japan. Along the way we have an anonymous tale of someone who had a critical error in their test and helpful hints from Amber Garrison, who passed her first time! This week closes out with another music recommendation so make sure to check that out while you're driving with your newly minted and hard earned license.

Show Notes:

-Here's the drink for today:

I love this bottle!
 -Here's some pictures from the driving course:

Gassed up and ready to fail!

The trouble of line interpretation starts here.

Twisting and turning, dashed and solid.

There are numbers at all the turns which helps with the instructions.

Some of the cars are retired taxis, I drove a taxi.

I'm pretty sure this is for the motorcycles

This is the motorcycle "S" turn.

Again, motorcycle version but it's the same idea.


There's your full sized "S" turn, which actually isn't all that bad.

Faux signal lights.

The crank. Also not bad.

Course B - It starts from the red dot.

Course A - Starts from the red dot

-And if that's not good enough, check out this video of me walking the course!

-Helpful driving links:

Driving Test

Passing The Test

One Try Tips

-Here's another helpful video courtesy of Amber Garrison:

Thanks Amber!

-This week's musical recommendation:

"The Bend" by Real Estate from their album "Atlas"

I could only find a live version of the song, but please do check out the album if you get a chance. It's gloriously chilled out music meant for summer.

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  1. This is the first ep I listened to Mitsuko and Cousin, but I have to say I loved it. I like hearing about driving tests, because I had a hard time passing my California's driving test and I was really reluctant to get my license. I'm still hesitant to drive, and I doubt I'll ever drive in another country that doesn't accept my license right away. I'm fine being a pedestrian.

    1. Thanks for listening!

      Oh man, trust me, I wouldn't drive here if I had the choice. Apart from just really disliking driving in general, I think it's super wasteful to drive myself everywhere. Public transportation is much better here with trains being huge, buses being for everyone (and not just because you don't have a car!) and simply walking/biking to where you need to go. I totally agree. Sadly California is pretty car heavy, and my current countryside location doesn't have as many options for getting around.