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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Exclamation Marks!

Episode 08 - Natchan!

Summer is just about over and it's time to talk about the best part of it! Festivals! Festivals are the main attraction during summer in Japan. I imagine most people would leave or travel during this extremely hot and humid time of the year. This week Mitsuko and I try to define what it is to be a festival in Japan, and why that doesn't quite add up to our definition in America. Along the way we discuss some of our favorite moments from festivals we've attended!

Show Notes 
-The drink for this week:

It's excited about being Natchan!

Niku Maki Cheese (Translation: Deliciousness)

Beef stick (Delicious)

Karaage (Friend Chicken)

Yakisoba! It's soba, but yaki'd!

That's yakitori in the background.

Taiyaki! The fish pancakes.

-Gaina lantern balancing:

-Yamakasa Dontakasu:

This is the festival that I never actually saw because I left the day before it was set to happen! You can read Wikipedia's very short entry on it, or just check out the picture below to get an idea.

-Here's a link to Kotoura-cho's Hakuhousai laser/fireworks show:

Youtube blocked the sound. But you can still enjoy the video. Thank you Youtube.

-This week's musical recommendation:


This is the cover art.

You've probably noticed from the link about that we're not putting these up via Youtube anymore. I host them through Soundcloud and.... *drumroll* we're on iTunes now!

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