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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fare Thee Well

Episode 09 - Yakult

After a long break we're back... or I am. Mitsuko is back in Kofu right now so this week is just me. On today's episode I share the story of my strange journey to Japan before being accepted into the JET programme, which includes onsens, and a bit of nudity. We also have special guests talk about what it was like leaving Japan, as well as what it's been like being back home.

Show Notes

First up is the Yakult. The journal entry I didn't read over the show is also depicted:

I wasn't joking, they're tiny!
From this older blog post:

You can get a quick overview in pictures of my trip to Kofu as told in the story along with a picture of exactly where the bus dropped me off that one fateful morning.

Here's some pictures of David and Dale on the last night we were able to see them.:


Here's Dale on the left with Maria on the right:

A Baskin Robbins Send Off
Here's a group shot:

(From Left to Right: Maria, Dale, Mitsuko, Myself, Charlotte, Tom, and Dave the Tall)
Thank you guys for being awesome and some of the coolest people we've met ever - not just Japan. Thanks as well for letting me ruin your night of goodbyes with that interview!

I also want to through out a special thanks to Spencer Dillehay for contributing to this week's episode! You can check out his (excellently titled) blog of Japanese adventures right here:

We wish all you guys nothing but the best!

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