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Monday, March 25, 2013

Retrospective Post: The Day I Came Back

So, before I go on about other things I thought I'd mention something that happened on literally the first day I came back.

I was sitting around at the table, still being slightly estranged by the fact that I was not in Japan anymore. My brother's friend came over and they felt like getting some lunch. I came along, and we decided that we'd get some Mexican food from a place called Alazane's. They've got amazing shrimp burritos there. Well, along the way we came across a truck that had, dangling off the hitch, a pair of truck nuts.

If you're not familiar with them, a quick google search will suffice, however I imagine you can figure out what they are.

In that moment I felt as though I were truly back. I had a vision of us sitting in Doc Brown's time machine, flying back in from 2015 to good ol' 1985.

In fact it would've gone a little something like this:

I apologize for the crappy photoshop job in advance

Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how it went.

In my head at least.


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