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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Long Enough

I've been so busy this last month.

View from Kobe Port Tower

     My work is a series of violent waves; it's dynamic, ever-changing, and occasionally pretty choppy if you lack the sense to stay on your toes once it gets rough. All of which is to say that I know I haven't posted but (insert excuse here).

     The next episode of the podcast is being edited. There's plenty to write about from our trip to Okayama, Kurashiki, and Kobe. I'll still have to talk about Bunkasai sometime as well. For now though, I can offer the English for the town newsletter that I write every other month if only to prove that I am alive and occasionally write when I'm not surfing. Please enjoy.

Not Just A Holiday

            As time goes on, life becomes busier and more complicated. It becomes increasingly more difficult to do all the things we want to do once our responsibilities begin to grow. Traveling is one expense that always seems to get cut first because it requires the most time and money. It also happens to be the most liberating experience a person can have.
            When I came to Japan I had a personal goal to see as much of the country as I could. Keeping true to that goal I recently traveled to Kobe - stopping at Okayama and Kurashiki along the way. In short, it was a fantastic trip and I’m glad we were able to do nearly everything we wanted to.
            To me, traveling is not about being on vacation. It’s about exploring, discovering, and learning – mostly about oneself. For that reason alone I think it’s an essential part of our lives. 


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