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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Way You Speak To Me

Episode 11 - Irohasu (Orange)

I apologize for the delay in this episode but we've just been back to back busy with all manner of events and circumstance that we - as ALTs - find ourselves constantly in the middle of. This week we're talking speech contests! Mitsuko and I both share some strong opinions as well as stories from our past experiences with this yearly school event. As a bonus we've got special guest Brianna Hom making her first appearance on the show. All the way from Akita-ken, Brianna recounts the huge impact her first speech contest left on her.

Show Notes

-The drink for this week is actually water! It's fairly common and I've seen it in just about every single vending machine I've stopped by. Here's some googled images as I don't have my phone and we're just going to have to make do!

Yep, it's water.

The spacing of the "I" is still odd to us.

-We definitely shared some strong opinions this time around so I feel this episode would benefit from a disclaimer. We spoke our minds and opinions honestly. I think we did so while also being mindful and culturally sensitive to the topic at hand. I'm positive many people will disagree with the feelings we expressed, and that's fine! Let me know what you think; I really do want to hear about it.

-Here's a shot from the contest itself:

To preserve their privacy (and my entertainment) their faces have been replaced with dots.
My kids are the "Akachuu" Red ones.

All the students got on the stage to do some last minute practicing upon arrival. I was instructed to make my kids do it as well. Honestly I would've avoided that since A) Everyone talking at once is hardly conducive to concentration B) I doubt it did any favors to the butterflies in their stomachs, and C) If you still required practice by that late into the game then you have more problems than a last minute rehearsal would fix.

My kids were dropped off by another JTE - who had to go back to work immediately thereafter - and I drove myself, so it was just the four of us for most of the day.


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